Who is Miss Peppertree?


I am an Orangeville based dreamy folk singer-songwriter, and graduate of Independent Music Production, a highly competitive program in Toronto at Seneca @ York. From busking in Kensington Market (Toronto, ON) to playing hostels, bars and clubs, I have also had the privilege to play more prestigious shows at Opera houses (in both Orangeville and Orillia,) Orangeville's Blues & Jazz festival, and DRKRM's studio opening for a songwriting showcase (Orillia ON). I have been a working musician for over a decade, and intend on expanding my musical experience repertoire. 

I am also known to some, as Miss Peppertree. I teach song-writing techniques to young aspiring artists. I developed this program myself, based both on what I learned while at  Seneca, and also from my personal experiences. I have enjoyed writing for a long time, and have written over 100 songs. I am an active member of Taxi, (an Independent A&R company, based in Calabasas, CA,) and I write music (both full songs, and instrumentals,) to submit to films, tv shows, and commercials. 

So why Miss Peppertree? There are many ways one can write a song, however there are exercises and methods one can use to focus their creative energy more efficiently. I wish to help young people achieve this, and aim to teach that embracing your creative process (whatever that may be,) is critically important in so many areas of your life. For me, music is an outlet for expression. Self-expression, in essence, is accepting yourself as a whole. If taught from a young age that embracing your individuality is an amazing thing, you will not only grow into a stronger artist, you will also grow a stronger human being with confidence in exactly who you are. You will be more in tune with what is going on within, and know where to put your feelings and thoughts if ever they overwhelm you. 


I truly believe in the power of music. The world is an amazing place, and song-writing is the way I like to capture it.  

Erin Bolton
Me performing at Maggiolly's (Orangeville ON) during the. Blues & Jazz festival, 2017

( Update:  I am now CPR and first aid certified in babies, children and adults. )

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